Monday, February 21, 2011

Creative Corner - YIKES!

* PLEASE know that you will have to turn your head sideways to see the pictures. :0) I uploaded and deleted and rotated pictures a hundred times, and EVERYTIME they came out sideways...not sure what happened...SORRY! :0)

Hello Friends!

It has been such a crazy couple of weeks - busy with school, church, and so much more. I was eating lunch with the kids this afternoon, and it hit's been TWO weeks since I posted a Creative Corner!

So....let's correct that problem. Do you need some inspiration?
Here's a cute mini book I made recently. Let me share a little something about the book...
A couple of weeks ago, my friend Marcia called and wanted to ask a favor. She knows that I am always looking for some kind of community service to involve my kids in, so she told me a story about sweet young 5 year old girl named Oceana. Oceana was recently placed in the hospital where she has been diagnosed with cancer, for the SECOND time. The story moved my heart with compassion, and when Marcia asked if we could make a couple of Valentine cards for her - I couldn't help but say "YES!".

That started the creative process...we made Valentine cards, crocheted, a hat, blanket and bag, and picked out some yummy chocolate. The final touch to the goodies was this mini 6x6 album. I immediately went to my leftover Hooligans paper, it matched the purple and green that we used for her hat, blanket and bag. Such FUN colors! We made the book to be an ABC book of Oceana's favorite things. She can add a picture and journal about the item.

Hope you like it and feel inspired to not only be creative, but also to serve someone in your part of the world. Can I ask one other favor? When you kneel down to pray at night, please offer up a special petition for a sweet young girl named Oceana.

Happy Scrappin'...I will be back on Thursday to post another Creative Corner...hopefully, the pictures will be straight! :0)


  1. I love this idea, Carol. What a precious gift, I am sure she will be thrilled. I pray this little girl will receive a miraculous touch from God.

  2. Thank you so much Darlena! It was so moving to create for such a special need - a whole new perspective!

    Your prayers are so appreciated!