Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creative Corner 7.22.10

Hello Friends - Happy Thursday!

Today's Creative Corner is inspired by an Extravaganza class I attended while at the Close To My Heart Convention. The class focused on using our scrapping products outside of used paper and embellishments to created this adorable necklace. (Please note that all product used is from Close To My Heart - contact me to place your order.)

Making paper beads were so is what I did:
1. Cut strips of 1x2 background paper (I used the Sweet Home paper.), then cut those diagonally to form triangles.
2. Apply adhesive to the point of the triangle (I used Tombow.), rolled the triangle from the large end to the point.
3. Dipped the rolls into Modge Podge and layed them on wax paper to dry.

Here is how I created the charm:

1. I cut a background paper and adhered it to a cardstock piece that fit onto a Antiqued Copper Mini-Medley frame.
2. Then, adhere the cardstock/background paper to the back of the frame using liquid glass.
3. Filled the frame with liquid glass, and placed the mini-button in the middle of the liquid.
4. Allow to dry.

After these steps, I used Chocolate waxy flax to string the bead and charm. Viola`!

This was simple and fun - I can't wait to do more!!!


  1. Oh how stinkin' cute! These are a keeper for future crafting.

  2. Thanks Tracy -

    I was sooo proud - and it was fairly simple...just can get tedious rolling the paper.

    Actually, Mary Frances wants to start making some to sell for her own income...I guess it's an easy way to let her use up some of my scraps.

    Thanks for looking!