Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Corner

Good Morning Friends!

Here is something fun...Each Thursday, I will post a fun and simple project or technique for all of my stamping and scrapping friends. I am calling it Creative Corner. I hope you enjoy - I would love some feedback!

Here's today's goody info:

Using scraps of paper, you can create a simple topper for the 1x8 clear bag. It is filled with M&Ms. How cute is that?! This was given to me at Convention by a sweet lady who was in the Extravaganza group I was leading. It was her way of thanking me.

Wouldn't these make cute party favors, or fun place settings for a get-together?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Really cute and what an easy party favor! Thanks for sharing!

  2. so cute! is that bag size available from like clearbags?

  3. I just received an order of those same bags. I will look and see who I ordered from and let you know. Can probably place an order for more than the 100 I got and get a big shipping discount. I used skittles to fill the ones I did for Cole's day care.

  4. Cute Vicki! I bet the Skittles are bright and happy!

    I know you can order from Clear Bags - I am not sure where else...

  5. Checked out Cindy's blog. You look gorgeous, especially for the Director's Dinner!!

  6. Oh Vicki!

    You are so kind - it was a SPECTACULAR evening! Cindy is my direct upline - she has been very instrumental in helping get to where I am! I am working on posting some convention photos soon - maybe this weekend.